General Manager:  Eng.Ala Mousa Al-Azeh

Mobile/cell: +962 777 919-243
IrbedTelFax:  +962 2 7400091
AmmanTelFax:  +962 6 5530580



We are contracting company in Jordan.
Our company classified as first grade of electro-mechanical contracting & fourth grade of construction contracting and fifth grade of Water and sanitation by the ministry of Public work and Housing. Member of Jordanian engineers and contractors. We have been in business ten years, providing engineering supervision and incite management for both government and Our company is exclusive agent for several European products in JordanOur group consists of general manager Eng. Ala’ Alazzeh, three  electrical engineers ,and three mechanical engineers ,and three  civil engineer ,two on site managers, twenty electricians, twenty two plumbers, and five foreman’s.

Work History:

  •  Edonbanyhasan school (Ministry of Education ).
  • Computer lab & IT building (YarmokUniversity ) .
  • Management building Ramtha customs .
  • Engineering lab building (YarmokUniversity ) .
  • Hofa ,Tunes, Bushra ,Hakama schools (Ministry of Education ) .
  • Diplomatic Duty Free (Jabl Amman).
  • Women & children division (EdonMilitaryHospital).
  • Bushra&Qaseleh schools (Ministry of Education ) .
  • SalesMonument& storage buildings (Royal Jordan palace) .
  • HVAC System to the mosque of his majesty the late king Hussein bin Tlal'(Royal Jordan palace) .
  • Al-Aramsh schools (Ministry ofEducation) .
  • Electric Substation for Irbed district electricity Co. by ABB Ltd Swiss Co.
  • JordanUniversity of since and technology HVAC system for engineering Dep. and for medical Dep.
  • Jordan bank (Irbed branch ).
  • Irbed development area (IT-buldings)(10000m2).
  • USAID projects schools (Hay Aljanoby school)(5500m2).
  • USAID projects schools (EzzAldien school)(5200m2).
  • Civil serves bureaubuilding (11000m2).
  • USAID-IRD-JSP-PAKAGE1 (20,000m2).
  • USAID-IRD-JSP-PAKAGE1 projects schools (ALmafraq school).
  • USAID-IRD-JSP-PAKAGE1 projects schools (Irhaba school).
  • USAID-IRD-JSP-PAKAGE1 projects schools (Eanjana school).
  • USAID-IRD-JSP-PAKAGE1 projects schools (Almashara’a  school).
  • JUST UNIVERSITY Laboratory simulation College of Nursing.
  • ARBELA factory for medical technology.
  • ALMAWA  protected nature and wildlife in process contain big  restaurant & reception & lodges & animal  night room &electrical  substation  & service buildings  besides to landscaping area infrastructural around 200 000m2.
  • Expansion ofJerash Government Hospital second phase tender No.45/2015 Japanese loan (2,500 000 JD ), which consists of 5 major operations rooms and suites ICU and suites CCU and 50 beds as patients and the total area of 4600m2 consist with all systems such as:

1- BHU bead head units .

2- NCS nurse call system .

3- medical gas system .

4- HVAC systems VRF.

5- BMS building management system .

6- lighting system .

7- FAS fire alarm system .

8- PAD public address system .

9-lifts  1600kg  three.

10-genreators 500KVA .

11-spichal tile for operating rooms.

And many of systems .

Thank you for your cooperation .

Eng.Ala’ AL-Azzeh